A Poignant Screening at Centrala

Taniel had an exceptionally warm welcome at Centrala in Birmingham for our film’s screening, accompanied by a panel discussion about history, language, poetry and identity; and how sad it is that the events of 1915 are still painfully relevant today.

Screening the film on 24 April, the day of Taniel Varoujan’s and his fellow intellectuals arrest meant a lot for us. There was a really special feeling in the room, when we stood united – Brits, Armenians, Syrians, Palestinians, Poles, Slovenes and many others – to observe a minute’s silence in memory of everyone who lost their lives during the tragic events.

We came home with so many impressions, emotions, memories and a beautiful bunch of flowers from the Kessedjian family.

We’d like to thank everyone for attending, Alan Kessedjian for the initiative, my fellow panel participants and Warwick University’s and Centrala’s most helpful team.