Taniel and I

Poetry producer Tatevik Ayvazyan talks about her love of Varoujan’s poetry and how it was chosen for the film

Sean Bean

Finding the narrator’s voice for “Taniel”

The Soundtrack – Tigran Hamasyan

An emotive swirling cyclone of notes: Garo Berberian talks about Tigran Hamasyan and how music from Luys I Luso is the perfect sensory companion for “Taniel”

Taniel – The Soundtrack

The film’s director Garo Berberian discusses his rationale in picking the soundtrack, featuring music by Philip Glass, Michael Nyman and Tigran Hamasyan amongst others.

Tigran Gaboyan on playing Varoujan

՛I had to become Varoujan, feel like Varoujan’ – Tigran Gaboyan talks about his experience of playing the poet and expressing his emotions in silence

In conversation with… Shoghakat Mlké-Galstian

The film’s lead actress, the talented Shoghakat Mlké-Galstian talks to us about Araxi – love of Varoujan’s life; what does it mean to be a great artist’s wife and feminist readings of his works

Taniel: a Celebration of Freedom

The film’s producer, Narè Leone Ter-Gabrielyan talks about how she got involved in the film about a poet she admires so much for his love of life and freedom.

The Beginning: Garo Berberian

Garo explains why he wanted to make this film, which needed to show the textural fabric of the individual that is lost in facts and stats and arguments about what word you should call the murder of a race.