Screening at Taniel’s University

The support and compliments that ‘’Taniel’’ receives always make every showing special.

Our screening and poetry performance in Ghent as a part of two-day celebration of the great poet was no exception – we were so touched by the amount of people who came and told us what “Taniel” and Varoujan’s poetry meant to them personally – film fans, sponsors, poetry fans, academics, students…

So many people travelled great distance to be there – one wonderful lady even flew in from California; Garo was told by a fan that his film ‘gave wings’ to him; prominent scholar of Armenian studies, Theo van Lint’s interest and kind words about Tatevik’s work as a poetry producer were so encouraging that they’re already planning new projects; and Yegya Akgun’s Armenian and Ben Hodgson’s English poetry reading received such an emotional response that people were still quoting Varoujan later on, while having a celebratory toasts…

We are grateful to all who attended, organised and appreciated this special weekend, we hope everyone went home enriched like we did. Special thanks to the Programme of Armenian Studies and its head Krikor Moskofian for the wonderful initiative.

Photos: Rebel Republic Films  | Kayane Antreassian | Programme of Armenian Studies

We are also grateful to the sponsors of the event – Gulbenkian foundation, Andre Gumuchjian, and Arslanian family, and everyone else who supported this fantastic initiative.