Açık Radyo podcast

On a very rainy day in Istanbul, we went to visit the cozy offices of Açık Radyo to talk with the editor of Agos newspaper Yetvart Danzikyan. It was the day after our very emotional screening and poetry performance at the Hrant Dink Foundation, and we were all quite overwhelmed by the warm reception of the community there.

The day was also very memorable as it was Varoujan’s 135th anniversary, and it felt very special to be in his city on his birthday, talking about his work to Açık Radyo’s listeners.

Yetvart Danzikyan is a wonderful interviewer, during our interview, he navigated between 3 of us – talking to Garo about the creation of the film, Tatevik about the poetry, and Yegya about being the voice of the great poet; while switching between 3 languages – Turkish, Western and Eastern Armenian.

We enjoyed our conversation, and it was wonderful to meet an author and architect Zakarya Mildanoğlu, who’s been instrumental in the restoration of several Armenian churches in Turkey, including Akhtamar.

Listen to the full podcast here: