It was great to screen our short film, Taniel, at Columbia University along with Oscar Apfel’s 1919 film Ravished Armenia; Cannes-Grand-Prix winning director Atom Egoyan’s Ararat; his collaboration with composer Mary Kouyoumdjian, They Will Take My Island; Terry George’s The Promise and Faith Akin’s The Cut.

Many thanks to Dr Armen Marsoobian for inviting us and click below to read his article about the experience.

Our first virtual guests, filmmaker Garo Berberian and producer and poetry consultant Tatevik Ayvazyan, joined us from London to discuss their 2018 film Taniel. The film dramatically recreates Daniel Varoujan’s last days, aesthetically merging spoken renditions of his poetry in Western Armenian with English subtitles. Screenwriter Ben Hodgson provides a poetic English narrative, voiced over by Sean Bean, adding to the film’s emotional impact.

Read the whole article in the Armenian Weekly here